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The new stage of the business between Japan and China

“Being forty and not bewildered” is a famous saying in Confucius’s “ Analects “. With the introduction of reform and openness policies in 1978, China’s economy has undergone a tremendously fast growth for the past 40 years. Recently, due to the already-larger economic scale and the drastic turmoil in the domestic and international environment, there is no denying that there is a slight sense of “wandering” of the economy. However, this sense of “wandering” is inevitable and a must-have when the structure is shifting from quantity to quality; and China, which is in a hurry to enhance domestic demand and to promote innovation, is definitely entering a new economic revolution.
Meanwhile, 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Japan-China Peace and Friendship Treaty. With regard to the Japan-China relationship, Prime Minister Abe has positioned the bilateral relationship as “from competition to cooperation,”; however, China can still absorb and take reference from Japan’s past experience and lessons, including transformation of industrial structure, environmental issues, dealing with the burst of bubble, and trade friction. In a sense, with the 40th anniversary as a turning point, without a doubt, we believe that the Japan-China relationship will enter a new stage, and we are confident that new business opportunities will emerge and increase continuously.

Bringing the vitality of Asia to Japan

Although there are many pessimistic views on Japan’s future economy, such as the declining birthrate, aging population, and difficulty to overcome deflation; from the eyes of overseas investors, Japan is a treasure trove. The surprisingly high-quality goods (products) and services, which Japanese people has been taken for granted, were extremely welcomed and appreciated by the overseas markets, which can be proved by the rapid expansion of inbound tourism industry in Japan in the past years.

As symbolized by the Nobel Prize-winning rush since 2000, there are still many undiscovered “treasures” in Japan that the world envies. Thanks to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, we foresee more and more interest in Japan, not only individuals but also corporates from the globe. We believe that by bringing the vitality of Asia and China into Japan and promoting two-way communication, the tremendous value of Japan’s “treasures” will be further revealed.

AIS CAPITAL will continue to help discover “treasures” that Japanese people haven’t noticed from their own angles. We hope to create value by connecting this to the vitality of Asia.

What can we offer?

Under such circumstances, AIS CAPITAL would like to support as many startupsSMEs and corporates as possible, on fund raising, overseas markets entrance, introducing suitable business partners and so on, by levering our extensive network of abroad investors and business contacts that we have cultivated during the past. In addition, for some cases, we will also provide funding from our own capital and funds we manage, ride on the same boat together with the “challengers” and pursue the new value creation.
To date, we have supported a numerous number of cross-border M&A, financing, technology licensing, and overseas sales channel development for listed companies, venture companies, university and research institutes, and long-established local companies. It is our upmost joy and fulfillment to witness our clients’ success and growth to the new stage, under our support and contribution.
In order to create as many success stories as possible in the future, we would like to do my best and accompany you on the journey. Thank you.

AIS CAPITAL is a group of experts who are familiar and savvy with both China and Japan, have background of venture capital investment and investment banking, and focus on bilateral investment and business expansion support between the two countries. We provide professional advisory services for M&A, strategic and financial investment, JV establishment, business alliances, etc. between Japanese and Japanese companies. We also focus on the Japan-China cross-border incubation business, such as providing growth funds to venture business in both countries, supporting the expansion into the partner countries, and introducing business partners and resources.

Office 10F Shin-marunouchi Building, Marunouchi 1-5-1, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 100-6510, Japan
Representatives Kevin Guo , Minjie Xiao
Established May, 2017
Business scope
  1. Financial advisory services of cross-border M&A and financing between Japan and China
  2. Principle investment, fund management
  3. Consulting service of business between Japan and China
  4. Analysis reports on the Chinese economy, lectures, and seminar lecturers
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